Welcome to Ralph's Country Club!

An up-and-coming technology for up-and-coming athletes. Ralph's Country Club is a world first in providing a blockchain-based sports sponsorship platform. Utilising the power of Web3, social media and global sports coverage – the reach of the RCC brand will stretch far beyond early adopters and deep into the metaverse. Long-term partnerships and ongoing promotion deals are already in place for launch – backed by an experienced team of social media and sports philanthropists.


A world’s first non-fungible token focused on sports endorsement and social exposure. NFT ownership and commercial usage rights given to the consumer.

Access to a huge online customisable merch store designed to showcase your prestigious NFT

Social and community reach guaranteed with each utility engagement. Endorsements mutually beneficial for athletes and RCC token holders.

Long term road map with tiered growth phases. Ongoing promotion forming a sustainable growth pathway for the token holders.

10% of all resale proceeds pooled in a community fund for ongoing endorsement deals and philanthropy. Community will vote on the allocation of these funds.

sporting and social media superstars supported by our community of Ralph's Country Club members.

2022 is the year of the Tiger, and our uniquely styled, timeless artistic designs will impress friends and art critics across the globe!


25% of the supply will be allocated to whitelist members. These members will have guaranteed spots to mint their Ralphs at a discounted price prior to public release, avoiding the rush and minimising gas fees.
In addition to this, they will have access to discounted personalised Ralph merchandise, special whitelist giveaways, increased voting rights for our upcoming DAO, and more!
See our discord for more information.

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Ralph’s impact on the sporting metaverse will reach far and wide involving sporting superstars, marketing agencies and influencers alike. Our investors aren’t just holders, they’re members committed to a common vision. Giveaways, personalised NFT merchandise and event tickets are just the start for the lucky RCC Members.


25% of the supply will be made available for whitelist members. Ralph’s Whitelist gives members access to the cheapest entry level floor price as well as exclusive access to future projects, partner whitelists, personalised merchandise and giveaways.
Holiday Raffle

Overseas trip drawn for discord members sponsored by RCC and Travel Leaders. You and three friends decide where to go to the value of $15,000. If your 3 friends are also members, you’ll have great odds.
Pro Shop Opens

Ralph's Country Club custom, high-quality merchandise available to our community members! Limited-edition apparel, personalised golf balls and memorabilia are a few items that are on their way. Members own rights to resell.
10 x $10,000 Giveaways

$100,000 worth of giveaways for RCC holders! Each giveaway will also include a special RCC token! The more Ralphs you own, the higher your chances of winning!
Supporting our stars

Invest in three up-and-coming YouTube/Instagram sports stars. $20,000 amount each to pursue their dreams. Apparel, travel, equipment. Athletes will be chosen by the community with high public exposure given to the RCC brand.
To The Moon

This is just the beginning. $100,000 investment spend attracting additional sporting superstars and up-and-comers with high public exposure.
be a part of the journey

Get your Ralph

Install MetaMask

The Google Chrome MetaMask extension will allow you to transact with Ethereum. For mobile, please use the MetaMask app.


Transfer ETHereum

You can purchase Ethereum through your MetaMask wallet or send Ethereum from several exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, etc). 



Connect your MetaMask to our website. Then, you will be able to mint your Ralph and approve the transaction.



Use your MetaMask to log in to OpenSea to view your Ralph.


Additional strategic endorsement of athletes through social media

Community funds accumulate
(10% of sales)

Long Term Growth

Increased exposure and hype ➡ increase in token value

Token sales volume increases with profits realised

Blockchain and sports fans unite!
The RCC brand allows new avenues of growth for NFTs, reaching previously untouched audiences and providing tangible benefits for those stars who endorse it. Some of the largest and strongest communities exist in the world of sports. By combining the strength of NFT and sports communities, Ralph's Country Club will be the brand you trust in Web3 sports promotion.

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Web & Blockchain Developer

Background in Computer Science, specialising in blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Ex professional eSports player.


Marketing & Public Relations

Crypto investor, Web3 early adopter and branding expert. Ex golf professional and sports philanthropist.


Artist & Graphic Designer

Multi-award winning design engineer. Astrid specialises in 2D & 3D graphical modelling, rendering, electronics and manufacturing.


Events & Sports Promotion

25 years experience in sports promotion currently representing a sporting agency. He will remain in the shadows, opening up new and exciting athlete introductions to RCC.


Sports Marketing

Former Grand Slam tennis player, turned consultant. Dedicated to creating innovative marketing opportunities for the RCC community.


Discord/Community Manager

Avid crypto investor and NFT collector. Ex professional eSports player and current heavy bench presser.